Resuscitation aid LifePad® by beurer
First aid - safe and quick
PocDoc® Pet Connect
The first intelligent first aid system for dogs and cats
PocDoc® System
PocDoc® enables the first aider to act correctly in the crucial minutes!
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In addition to our own products, such as PocDoc® or LifePad®, develop
we also as a service provider for other companies. The big advantage for
Cooperation partner is that the Innotas AG ideas within a short time
revised and implemented through to the finished product.


LifePad® is an innovative product for use in medical emergencies. The LifePad® is a “Help the Helper” product. The LifePad®, developed in cooperation with the medical technology company Beurer and the Björn Steiger Foundation, is placed on the chest and helps save life with cardiac massage, both optically and acoustically. The LifePad helps to keep a cool head in the exceptional situation of resuscitation.

The LifePad® was developed in cooperation with Beurer GmbH and the Björn Steiger Foundation.

PocDoc® - the smart First aid system

How long ago was your last first aid course? Would you be able to provide first aid?
The PocDoc® system was designed in such a way that first aiders can be taken by the hand in an emergency and guided to the correct treatment via simple questions. Each step is explained individually using the PocDoc® app in short, concise sentences and understandable images. In addition, the for the respective

In addition, the components required for the respective treatment step are displayed in color in the PocDoc® first-aid kit with the corresponding position. This enables a quick location and thus a smooth and stress-free treatment process. The app contains over 300 individual treatment steps, ranging from treating bleeding to correct action in the event of breathing failure.

PocDoc® for dogs & Cats

Our four-legged friends are not immune to injuries caused by a fight, a fall or getting stuck in a crack in the asphalt. But what should I do if my dog ​​or cat needs help and a vet is not immediately available? With PocDoc®, Innotas AG has developed the first smart first aid system for dogs and cats. The PocDoc® system consists of a “first aid kit” and an interacting app that is also available offline.

The system was designed in such a way that first aiders can be taken by the hand in an emergency and guided to the correct treatment by asking simple questions. If you can’t get any further on your own: Get quick help from animal emergency doctors by phone or video consultation via the PocDoc® app. The first consultation is included free of charge with every PocDoc®!