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Become a Guardian Angel!

The intelligent first aid kit PocDoc® enables you to act correctly in the crucial minutes! Protect yourself and your environment with PocDoc®!


Anyone can use the PocDoc® app Treatment step individually in short concise Sentences and understandable images explained. The necessary for the respective treatment step Component is displayed for easy locating facilitate. The app contains over 250 individual treatment steps, which from the treatment of bleeding to the right action in case of breathing failure.

PocDoc App

Available on iOS and Android. For the whole family. Treatment of infants, toddlers and adults possible. German, English, French, Spanish, Italian - the languages can be changed directly in the app. It is an offline app so that no internet is required in an emergency


The PocDoc® app works in combination with the PocDoc® first aid kit. Designed and developed by doctors.

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LifePad is an innovative product for use in medical emergencies. The LifePad is a “Help the Helper” product that is intended to support first-aiders in the resuscitation of patients with sudden cardiac arrest. The non-slip rubber mat has markings for correct positioning on the patient’s upper body and electronic components that support the first aider in carrying out a cardiac massage.